Wales Pilgrimage

As many of you know, TEMC is proud to have recently amalgamated with a Welsh United Church. Wales has more than 1500 years of church history. But if you're like me, you're relatively unaware of that history. So I've planned a pilgrimage to Wales, devoted to learning about Christ's work through the church in Wales, past and present. Wales inherited a unique strand of the Christian tradition called Celtic Christianity. The Celts, called the Galatians in the Bible, were a people with a vast territorial expanse north of the Roman Empire. With no written language, much of their culture is now forgotten. Much of what remains is in the form of the Celtic Church, which arrived in the British Isles well before Roman Christianity did. It is a Christian faith deeply in touch with nature, rigorous in its discipline, and beautiful in its poetry. Wales also has a rich history of evangelical renewal, including a massive revival in the early 20th century, powered by hymn singing.

We will explore all this and much more in our journey, and I hope you'll come! Dates are July 20 - August 3, 2024. I am so excited to lead you, in partnership with Dr. Iwan Russell-Jones of Cardiff (Research Professor at Regent College, Vancouver—he’ll preach for us January 21!) and Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury (Director of Pilgrim Way Ministries.) Together we've planned a journey of deep history and living hope. Come to an information meeting in person and online, planned for 7:00 PM on November 22. At that time we will share the itinerary and cost and travel details. Please be in touch with me about any questions.

Pastor Jason

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