The Sunday School program takes place during the 9:15 AM contemporary morning service, right after the "children's moment."

Reminder from Sunday School

Please remember to register any new children with the Director of Children's Ministries on Sunday mornings. We ask that parents come to the classrooms to pick up their younger children, and make sure that the older ones know where to meet you after the service – whether that is in their classroom or somewhere else with your permission to leave. We see every child as precious and want to keep them safe for you!

Thank you!

Classroom Assignments

Nursery: 3rd Floor Nursery

Kindergarten - Grade 1:  3rd Floor Creativity Centre

Grade 2-4: East Chapel Classrooms

Grade 5-6: East Chapel Classrooms

Grade 7-8: 3rd Floor Seminar Room

Grade 9-12: 3rd Floor - Ministers Outer Office