David Ouchterlony Award - Leadership

The David Ouchterlony Award was established in 1984, as a tribute to TEMC’s Organist and Choirmaster and his extensive career as a church musician, teacher, composer and broadcaster. This special award is given to the choir member who demonstrates leadership in his or her choral ability and is generally regarded as a leader by his or her peers. The recipient shows unqualified respect and appreciation for the contribution made by each member to the ensemble, qualities Dr. Ouchterlony valued and nurtured in his students.

Jessie Kew Award - Dedication & Commitment

To recognize Jessie Kew’s forty years of special dedication and capable secretarial service to Dr. Ouchterlony and the Choir School, the Jessie Kew Award was created by her many admirers. The award is given to the choir member who exhibits unflagging dedication and commitment to the choir as demonstrated by excellent attendance and vocal hard work.

David Fallis Award - Enthusiasm 

The David Fallis Award was a gift to the Choir School from friends of the Fallis family following David’s untimely death. As a choirboy, David’s contribution to our ranks was exemplary. The award is given to the member who embraces the choral experience with unequaled enthusiasm and whose spirit inspires her or his fellow choir members.

The Bryn Award - Most Improvement

This award was donated by the Currie family as an expression of their appreciation for the musical training that the Choir School had brought to their three daughters. The award is given to the member who, in the opinion of the Director of Music has achieved the most improvement this year in terms of vocal range and ability, and is ready to take on the challenges of membership in the Adult Choral program.

Service Awards - Contribution

Every Chorister receives a service award acknowledging their contribution and years of service to the Choir School. These awards will be a public recognition of something that all long-term choir members know, namely, that choir membership is a life-enriching pursuit that is its own reward.