Parent carrying child in church service

I’ve gotten to know someone who’s newer to worshiping at our church’s 9:15 service. She calls herself a “whooper.” If a song is particularly good, she whoops. ‘Not my fault,’ she said. ‘You guys led the good song.’

Recently we rang the bell and she prepared to whoop. To her astonishment, someone whooped before her. She looked around. There’s another whooper at Timothy Eaton?! The whoopers found one another and rejoiced. He’s been around a little longer, though inactive until recently. Disappointingly, neither has whooped since. But consider yourself warned. Whoops incoming.

At our Ash Wednesday service, baby Connie started to meow. Or was it baby Evander? Either way, it was one of the most beautiful children ever born (these two are tied!). It was time to preach, so I announced, “make all the noise you want. I got a microphone.” He quieted down. Parents always think their child is being disruptive. They never are. The only sound worse than babies making noise is no babies making noise. The latter means no future. I hope God sends us 100 more Evanders and Connies (who will also be tied for most beautiful). And that they cry often and loud. What are these mics for? Adults: pay attention!

We have a legacy at our church of ministry with disabled persons. Handi-capable has moved on, but folks here are still proud of having volunteered and led in it. Someone wise noted that unless you die suddenly, all of us will be disabled at some point in our lives. Some of these are physical, some mental, and if the latter, we are likely to make surprising noises at surprising times. More of this! It is a sign that disabled persons and their families feel welcomed and loved here. As for worries about whether such noise disrupts a service, the folks up front have microphones. Adults can focus. And again, the only worse thing than disabled folks making noise, is their absence.

So between whoopers, babies, and differently-abled folks, we might all be in store for more unexpected noise in our sanctuary worship in the days and years ahead. Welcome such noises as signs of life. And ask God to give their increase.

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